Rumors of a possible ban on in Russia have not been confirmed

24 May 2018
Not so long ago there were reports in some media about the possible ban of in Russia. However, according to the statement of the representative of the Ministry of Culture, the agency has neither such powers, nor plans to regulate the service in our country.Olga Yarilova - director of the Department of Tourism and Regional Policy of the Ministry of Culture of Russia shared the relevant information. According to her, the ban of activities in Russia is not threatened. "The Ministry is categorically against such a formulation of the issue in principle," Yarilova added. And the rumors themselves about blocking the service were caused by the appeal of S.M. Voytovich, head of the "Svoy Turistic Service" group of companies, to the Ministry of Culture with a proposal to limit the activities of in Russia. At the same time, the corresponding actions were to affect only Russian citizens when they are in the country, while the work of the service when booking hotels abroad, as well as for foreigners who decided to visit our country, should remain intact. Voytovich's request was forwarded to the specialized agency - Rosturizm to prepare an official response. Yarilova stressed that this is a standard procedure. All those who were afraid of blocking their favorite hotel reservation service before the vacation season can breathe easy.