Xiaomi smartphones will be assembled by robots

15 February 2020

Interesting news from China. How are the local electronics factories structured? They employ thousands of people in the Middle Kingdom. Xiaomi factories are no exception.

Image from ithome.com

However, this is about to change. This was announced by Lei Jun, the head of Xiaomi. At one of the press conferences, he told the following. The company has completed the first stage of building an automated plant.

It is an experimental line in Yizhuang. It has a high level of robotization. Xiaomi products are assembled with minimal human involvement. Most of the processes are controlled by machines.

The mentioned facility has not yet been opened. This is due to an outbreak of coronavirus in China. Commissioning has been delayed due to the threat of an epidemic. However, Xiaomi is not discouraged. It has grand plans.

Image from xiaomiadictos.com

The corporation has a special department. It deals only with similar projects. For example, a factory with full automation. No rank-and-file assemblers will be needed.

How effective are such innovations? There is talk of a 60 percent advantage over the old methods. Few can produce 60 smartphones per minute.

How will this affect Xiaomi's business? We will find out in the coming years.