Motorola smartphones will be able to heal cracks in the screen

17 August 2017
Occurrence of cracks on the screen of smartphones for one reason or another is a fairly common problem. In addition to the very long time it can take to repair, users in such cases lose substantial sums to repair their favorite gadget, and sometimes even buy new ones, in order to save money. It seems that in the near future such problems will be possible to forget about: Motorola, acquired by the Chinese Lenovo, has received a patent for a technology that will allow smartphones to independently repair cracks and other minor damage to the screen.It is reported that gadgets will be able to automatically detect the presence and location of damage, or give the user the opportunity to point to them and run the process of elimination. To do this, it will use the heat generated by the gadget. Of course, this will require the use of a special material. The patent describes it as a "shape memory polymer". It can be used on gadgets with both LCD and OLED displays and can be easily deformed under the influence of temperature. Unfortunately, there is no information about when the first smartphones using the new technology will be available. We can only hope that they will not be long in coming and will not break records in terms of market value.