Snapdragon 865 - the new flagship processor from Qualcomm

05 December 2019

Qualcomm has decided to officially declassify the Snapdragon 865. No more rumors and leaks. The company has disclosed the key characteristics of the SoC. The platform turned out to be impressive.

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Snapdragon 865 is made by 7 nm technology. At its core - 8 computing cores Kryo 585. Among them - a quartet of ARM Cortex-A55 (1.8 GHz) and three ARM Cortex-A77 (2.4 GHz). Complementing the configuration is an ARM Cortex-A77 (2.84 GHz) - in a single number.

In addition, there is a Hexagon 698 module. It takes over the function of AI and noise reduction. The Adreno 650 gas pedal is responsible for the graphics. Support for HDR10+ and 4K (in 60 Hz mode) is announced.

Also the GPU is suitable for 144 Hz. In this case, the resolution is limited to 3200 by 1800 pixels. What else can surprise the Snapdragon 865? Qualcomm is not stingy with 5G.

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The X55 modem provides compatibility with 5th generation networks. You won't have to complain about slow Internet. You can download at speeds of up to 7.5 Gbit/s. As for downloads, its limit is 3 Gbps.

Among other things, mmWave and LTE are available. Separately, it is worth noting the improvement of Wi-Fi. Snapdragon 865 offers FastConnect 6800 (802.11ax, 802.11ac Wave 2).

How are things going with photography? The Spectra 480 chip is in charge of image processing. It's capable of taking 200 MP photos and capturing 8K video. Count on 10 bits per channel (plus the presence of Rec 2020).

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The Snapdragon 865 is a godsend for voice assistants. Multiple assistants are guaranteed to work. We should thank Qualcomm Sensing Hub for this.

With memory - full order. LPDDR4x (2133 MHz) and LPDDR5 (2750 MHz) cards are suitable for Snapdragon 865. The maximum amount of RAM is 16 GB. Charging is fine, too, thanks to Quick Charge AI and Quick Charge 4+.

When will the Snapdragon 865 smartphones be released? Early next year. The first announcements are expected at MWC 2020.