Again about Huawei: the company will move to its OS only after abandoning Windows and Android

23 May 2019

The day before it was reported that the Chinese company is going to launch its operating system, which will be used on smartphones, laptops and wearable devices. The plan is to launch it in China to begin with. About the plans Huawei told the head of the department of consumer affairs.

Recall how the story began. The company ended up on the U.S. "blacklist". This means that American companies will now stop working with Huawei. And another thing: the technology giant is forbidden to use the Android OS. While Huawei has 90 days, which the company was given as a reprieve. While it is still possible to use the American technology.

It has also become known that the Japanese corporations stop cooperating with Huawei.

Снова про Huawei: компания перейдёт на свою ОС только после отказа от Windows и Android

Huawei has given a decent response to the situation, indicating that the company since 2012 is developing its own operating system - Hongmeng, which will soon be launched. However, Huawei will do this only when it completely stops using software from Google and Microsoft.

According to some sources, the OS is based on Linux and supports all applications created for Android. There are reports that the "operating system" will be ready by September. Other sources say that the version for markets outside of China will be available in early 2020.

Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei's consumer business unit, said that the company is still using Microsoft Windows and Google Android right now. However, if Huawei completely gives them up, it will be replaced by Hongmeng.

Also Huawei has its own application store - App Gallery. The client is pre-installed on all smartphones of the company. For the time being, the main source for downloading applications is Coogle Play.