Sales of the smart speaker from Yandex started

10 July 2018

Surely many people have heard that not so long ago the company Yandex introduced its own smart speaker. The exact timing of its release was never mentioned. It was only known that the gadget will go on sale "before the end of summer". It seems that the long-awaited day has finally arrived and almost everyone can buy a smart speaker from Yandex.

The device, called Yandex.Station, you can buy from today, July 10, from 10 am Moscow time. However, you can do it only in one place - in Yandex store in Moscow. It is reported that there is a special demonstration area where all guests will be able to get acquainted with the novelty.

It is reported that the cost of the smart speaker is 9,990 rubles. The initial demand for the gadget was very high. according to Konstantin Kruglov - Yandex director for experimental products, for the first hours after the announcement, more than 20 thousand applications were received. In this regard, the company decided to limit the sale of the device: no more than two speakers in one hand.

Recall that Yandex.Station has a speaker system with a total power of 50 W with a frequency range from 50 to 20,000 Hz. According to the manufacturer, a matrix of seven microphones allows you to accurately recognize user commands even across the room and in the presence of background noise. The company's proprietary assistant, "Alice", is responsible for control with voice commands. It is known that Yandex.Station allows you to connect to the service Yandex.Music, and when connected to the Smart TV via HDMI cable, allows you to manage the playback of content from Kinopoisk, as well as ivi and Amedia Library.

All those who are not a resident or guest of Moscow, but are looking forward to buying Yandex.Station, do not get upset. Until the end of the week to make an order of a smart speaker will be possible in Yandex.Market at the same price - 9990 rubles. Curiously, the company promises to send the gadget to the buyer within 90 days in any region of Russia, completely free of charge, provided that the order is paid for.