Ufa artist recreates historical costumes with a 3D printer

31 January 2019

Ildar Gataullin is an artist, reconstructor and ethnographer from Ufa. Using a 3D printer, he recreates historical costumes of the Bashkir people.

Ildar Gataullin's story began in 2008, the same year his first costume was reconstructed. All the elements and details exactly repeated the original attributes. As the basis the Ufa master took exhibits from the museum, sketches and various items from private collections. Ildar says that his work is a reconstruction, not a stylization of the past.

Исторические костюмы башкирского народа

The original outfits of a bygone era have an abundance of metal details, which at the moment is quite expensive to recreate. A good example is the coins on the chest. According to some accounts, they served as armor, not as an indicator of wealth or status. It was for the sake of economy that Ildar Gataullin chose to use a 3D printer. It can be used to print exactly the same parts, only made of polymers. After the ornaments are made, they are polished and painted. At the sight of such plastic paraphernalia can not be distinguished from the real one, and its cost price is much lower.


Ildar says that before he used 3D printers he used real silver. Jewelry was very expensive. The artist gives as an example earrings, which cost no less than three thousand rubles. Such jewelry would cost about 400 rubles per pair using a 3D printer.

Another plus of the printer is that even earrings with the most complex ornaments can be created on it, which is impossible with other technologies.

Ildar's jewelry appears in the 2014 film "Etegan: Bashkir Legends in Songs," based on the legend "Seven Girls.