The Timex smart watch works for a month without recharging

29 February 2020

Don't like gadgets that go down quickly? That's what Timex decided to fix. It introduced the Ironman R300 GPS smart watch. Their battery life reaches 25 days.

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The result with GPS on is more modest. With navigation, the device lasts less than a day. But even so, the indicator is impressive. Especially taking into account the specificity of the novelty. It is designed for athletes and fitness fans.

Ironman R300 GPS tracks the physical activity of the owner. The device distinguishes what the user is busy at the moment. The chronometer can replace the coach (triathlon style).

There is a heart rate sensor. In addition, protection from dust and moisture is declared. Splashes will not harm the product. By the way, the screen is color (presumably - transreflective).

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Alas, not without disadvantages. The Ironman R300 GPS has no third-party applications. Only software installed by the manufacturer is available. This somewhat reduces the functionality.

The price is 120 U.S. dollars.