Find out about train delays now with the help of Yandex.elektricheskiy service

12 April 2017
It's no secret that, due to various circumstances, suburban trains in our country do not always arrive on time. For someone these delays may be insignificant, but for someone they can ruin all plans for the day. To help passengers learn in advance about deviations from the schedule of trains and, if necessary, use another form of transport, the developers of the service "Yandex.elektrichki" introduced new features in their product.In particular, now the mobile application with the same name began to display the actual time of arrival and departure of trains, and also learned to warn of delays. The service receives the necessary information directly from Russian Railways and then compares the data with the daily updated schedule. If the train is moving with a delay, the program will warn the user of this and allow to find out yourself the time of arrival of the train at the selected station and the duration of the delay. With the service Yandex.elektrichki already can learn about the delays of suburban trains throughout Russia, except for the Moscow Central Ring. It is worth adding that the new possibility has become available only in the Android-version of the application. On gadgets from Apple it will come later this year.