Microsoft browser has a built-in game

27 February 2020

Who didn't know: Google Chrome has an interesting passphrase. It is activated when there is no access to the Internet. It's a game called Dino. Dinosaur needs to jump over obstacles.

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The usual runner, of which there are many. Helps not to get bored while the net recovers. Microsoft's developers seem to like the idea. They have followed in the footsteps of a competitor.

A curious find in the Edge browser has been reported. Microsoft's branded browser has acquired an analogue of Dino. We are talking about Surf, an arcade game dedicated to surfing.

Surf surpasses Dino in the number of modes. Novelty offers Zig Zag, Time Trial and Let's Surf. In the first one, you have to pass through gates. In the second - race for time. Want to ride infinitely? Choose the third option.

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You can control not only with mouse and keyboard. Gamepads and touchscreens are supported. That said, you can play Surf on any device. Everywhere Edge is installed (Xbox, smartphones, and PCs).

Launching Surf is simple. Type "edge://surf" in the address bar and press enter. However, there is one nuance. The Easterling does not work everywhere. It is built only in the Dev and Canary test builds.

When is it going to be the release version? Unfortunately, the date is silent. Let's hope we will not have to wait long.