The likes have disappeared on Instagram. Around the world.

15 November 2019

Trouble has come where you can't expect. Instagram developers decided to remove the likes counter. It happened in all countries where the social network operates.

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Russia is no exception. We are talking about the "hearts" under other people's posts. They disappeared to draw attention to the content. What matters is the content, not the number of ratings.

Marks remained only under the user's materials. Those that the person published himself. Information about competitors' posts is hidden (including the number of views).

Fortunately, the innovation is spreading slowly. For many fans, it's still the same. Unfortunately, the delay is short-lived. Instagram is about to change globally.

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The creators of the project confirmed the information. An announcement appeared on their Twitter page. Previously, the feature was tested in New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Brazil, Italy, Ireland and Canada. Now what has been said applies to everyone.

Why did Instagram do this? The results of the experiment are to blame. It turns out that people like the update. At least - the majority.

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