Roskachevo compiled a rating of safe and high-quality smartphones

28 March 2019

The Roskachevo website has published a rating of smartphones. It was updated by the organization itself with the participation of the International Assembly of Consumer Testing Organizations (ICRT). The new products of 25 well-known brands were examined.

The organizations' experts tested the strength of smartphones, camera and video, convenience in making calls, writing text messages, ergonomics, navigation, sound and Internet performance. In addition to these important parameters, experts paid attention to water resistance, fingerprint scanner, voice quality and some other characteristics of gadgets.

All the smartphones were examined on 229 parameters in terms of safety and quality. All technical devices were tested in exactly the same way, Roskachestvo experts say.

For example, the study of mechanical strength involved repeated removal and installation of the battery. How stable the smartphones' display was tested with the help of special robots. They scratched, dropped and tried to break the gadget in every way, as well as trying to affect them with water.

В Роскачестве составили рейтинг безопасных и качественных смартфонов

New features of smartphones for Roskachestvo specialists mean new tests. Thus, for example, studies related to their unlocking were added. Experts tried to fool face and iris recognition and checked whether the function works in non-standard conditions. For example, in a dark room or in bright sunlight, as well as when the person is wearing glasses.

Thus, the first in the list of high-quality and safe smartphones was the Samsung Galaxy S10, followed by the Samsung Galaxy S10+ and Samsung Galaxy S10e. Fourth place went to the Samsung Galaxy Note9, and the IPhone XS Max rounds out the top five. To see the full list, visit the Roskatchestvo website.