Telegram will allow you to hide your phone number

06 May 2021

Telegram messenger users will soon be able to hide their phone number. The developers have come up with a new option for users.

On August 28, it became known that Telegram users will be able to hide their phone number at will. The information appeared on the website of the application's developer.

If a user activates the option, his number will only be visible to those users whose contact lists contain his number. There is information that the innovation is somehow associated with the complaints of the protesters in Hong Kong.

В Telegram появится возможность скрыть номер телефона

Recall that on August 23, one of the organizers of the protests, his nickname in Twitter Chu Ka-cheong, asked the administration of Telegram to help. He said that the popular messenger has a serious vulnerability. Because of it, data leakage occurs, namely, phone numbers of users. This applies to those cases when users are members of public groups, despite the enabled privacy options. Chu Ka-cheong also said that this compromised the security of the protesters.