Wear OS smartwatches have a "ghost story"

09 March 2020

Wear OS-based smartwatches are nothing new. There are many such models on the market. This Google platform is very popular. However, not everyone knows about the secrets of this OS.

Image from gizmodo.co.uk

Did you know that you can compose music on Wear OS? There's a "passé" in the operating system. It turns out that Google has built in a full-fledged drum machine.

Feel like a drummer. You can create drum parts. All you have to do is run the hidden app. It's hidden, so you can't get an accidental start.

How to implement the said? Open the "Flashlight " and double-tap on the display. Then hold your finger on the screen. As a result - the interface (in the form of multi-colored circles) will appear.

The beats are programmed in a 4 by 4 grid. Each sound has a different hue. Hi-hat is red. The snare is turquoise. The bell is purple. Drum is blue. The above is enough for beginner songwriters.

Not without nuances. The Wear OS device must have a speaker. Otherwise, you will not hear the drums. Bluetooth headphones will also work (as an alternative).

An interesting way to "kill" time. Or feel the urge to become a professional musician.