In early 2018, the first smartphone with an on-screen fingerprint scanner will be unveiled

13 December 2017
Few people these days can be surprised by a smartphone with a fingerprint scanner. The production of a new type of fingerprint scanner was announced by Synaptics. The gadgets, dubbed the Clear ID FS9500, are designed to fit into a frame-less smartphone with a display that spans the entire front of the phone. The scanner is integrated into the screen and activated only when needed.Synaptics said the new development boasts faster authentication speeds than competitors as well as 3D facial recognition technology. At the same time, the use of SentryPoint technology provides high reliability of the scanner. It is known that the first smartphone with a screen fingerprint scanner will be demonstrated very soon: at the CES 2018 exhibition. Recall that it will be held from 9 to 12 January in Las Vegas. When the first smartphones with Clear ID will appear on the market - we can only guess.