Yandex search results include scans of users' documents

18 July 2018

Not so long ago, Yandex indexed Google Docs, opening them for public access. No sooner had users forgotten what had happened than their personal data was once again on public display in the company's search results.

This time, scans of passports and other documents of Russians, as well as data on payments and airline tickets, hit the web. The problem was discovered by Pavel Medvedev, a search engine expert. According to him, personal data of Russians from Sberbank, VTB, Transport Department of Moscow, as well as ticket aggregator got into the Yandex output.

Yandex representatives insist that the search engine indexes only unprotected data. Meanwhile, the administration of the sites and web developers are responsible for data protection. This is the same viewpoint held by Medvedev: according to him, the main blame for the leak lies with the site owners.