In Super Mario Run appeared game achievements and a number of different improvements

25 April 2017
The Android version of Nintendo's Super Mario Run was one of the most anticipated this year. The iOS version of the ranger was released a few months earlier, which only increased the interest of Mario fans. Although for many the expectations were not met and the game left a negative impression, the developers are trying to change the reputation of their creation with new updates. One of them has already become available for Android users.Probably the most noticeable innovation was the support of game achievements in Google Play. Their presence adds an element of competition to the game and allows you to share your achievements with friends, as well as motivates you to new achievements, not letting the game get boring. Of course, many players agree that achievements support should have appeared in the game initially, but better late than never. Another good news awaits those who quickly got through the game and stopped launching it because there is nothing else to do in it. Now, the maximum number of toads you can have in your kingdom has been increased to 99,999. That's really a lot and only the most hardcore players will be able to reach the new limit. Nevertheless, it is quite expected, but very interesting step, allowing to stretch the fun of the game. Of course, this is not all the innovations in Super Mario Run. Now, you can use the character Mii from Miitomo as your own icon. Plus there's a new feature to find and add friends from your Nintendo account, and there are general improvements and bug fixes. The above innovations are already available for everyone who wants to try them. To try them out, you only need to install on your gadget version of Super Mario Run number 2.1.0.