Self-destructing messages appeared in Telegram

25 July 2017
The latest update of the messenger for mobile devices and computers, in addition to bug fixes and optimization, has brought a number of innovations, the most important of which is the self-destruction timer for sent media files. Now when sending a photo or video, the user can set a timer, after which the message with the file will be erased. The timer starts when the recipient opens the picture or video. As soon as the timer expires, the message disappears. Moreover, if the interlocutor takes a screenshot of a received message, the sender will be notified immediately. Another noticeable change has been made to stickers and smiley faces. Now the section with them can be expanded for easier navigation and selection. There is also an opportunity to add a couple of words about yourself in the profile, so that the interlocutors in the group chat can get to know each other better. It is worth noting that sending self-destructing messages is still only available in the mobile version of the messenger for Android and iOS smartphones.