Valve is working on a card game based on Dota 2

10 August 2017
Great news for Valve fans. During the Dota 2 tournament - The International, Gabe Newell announced a new game. However, contrary to the hopes and expectations of many players, we are not talking about the third part of Half-Life. This time Valve is going to please us with card game based on the Dota 2. The new game has already been called Artifact. We can't say, that the work on it was a surprise, considering the popularity of Hearthstone from Blizzard and the requests of many Dota 2 fans to release a similar game with our favorite characters. Unfortunately, the developers have not yet shared any information about Artifact, releasing only one teaser, which showed only the game's logo. Taking into account the reputation and the previous Valve's projects, the game promises to be really good and addictive. In addition, the work on Artifact involved Brad Muir, who took part in the creation of Iron Brigade, Massive Chalice, Brutal Legend and Psychonauts. Unfortunately, the release of the new brainchild of Valve will not be until 2018. Nevertheless, by all appearances, the game is really worth such a short wait.