VKontakte has improved its mobile video player

17 September 2018
Good news for VKontakte users. The development team has significantly improved the video player in the mobile applications for Android and iOS, as well as in the web version of the social network. The first thing worth noting is the new, more concise and pleasant design with smooth animation and convenient navigation. In addition, the dark menu inside the player makes watching video content more enjoyable. Playback control also became more convenient. Now you can rewind or forward 10 seconds of video by double tapping the screen on the desired side: left to go back or right to go forward.While viewing video, users can select increasing or decreasing the playback speed, as well as stretching the image to a non-standard size to engage the entire screen of the device and get rid of black margins. It's also worth noting that the quality of video in VKontakte mobile applications is set automatically, depending on the speed of the connection, but you can change it manually at any time. Another interesting innovation will be the function of recommendations. Launching a video, users will see a selection of similar videos. Of course, this is not a complete list of improvements of the video player in the social network VKontakte. To get acquainted with all the innovations themselves, everyone can go to the web version of the social network, or by installing the current version of the application on your Android-or iOS-gadget.