VKontakte has released a major update to its iPhone app

30 March 2018
The VKontakte development team has released another update to the iPhone application, which has brought significant changes to the social network client for iOS.First of all, it is worth noting the completely redesigned built-in messenger. For example, conversations will now open immediately at the first unread message. In addition, it will be possible to delete messages from all interlocutors within a day after sending. Another innovation improves the History function. Now, users of VK for iOS can use the updated text editor, which has received a number of new fonts, colors, backgrounds for the inscriptions, the improved slider to change the font size, as well as the ability to align quickly. In addition, when you click a link to VKontakte from other applications, users will now get to the appropriate section of the application VK. All these and several other innovations are available to all users VK for iPhone. In order to try them out in practice, just install the current version of the application on your gadget.