For the first time in a long time Microsoft has updated Skype for Linux

21 July 2017
Skype for Linux is still in beta, and although the company periodically rolls out updates, it does so rather slowly. Despite the constant criticism from users, who are unhappy that the Linux version lags behind the others in terms of functionality, Microsoft claims that it takes a long time for the developers to finalize new features. But infrequent updates are still more than no updates at all. Skype 5.4 is the new version that has finally added the group video calling feature that many users have been waiting for. In addition, the update includes improved performance and security, as well as fixes a number of bugs.The addition of the new feature is certainly good news for users. However there are many more features which have not yet been implemented in Skype for Linux. Among these there is renaming of contacts and screen broadcasting during the call. These two features are the most requested in the long list of features that have not yet been implemented.