Malware has been spying on Apple users for 10 years

26 July 2017
According to research conducted by Synack specialist Patrick Wardle, the new "infection" is a variant of the previously discovered Fruitfly malware. The latter was detected in January of this year, and Apple released a patch a few months ago to protect the system against it. However, Wardle argues that the new virus is not just an improved version of the old one with the ability to track the user, but has been active for almost a decade without being noticed. In his research Wardle found that most of the infected systems are located within the US, which has the largest number of users of Apple computers. By analyzing the virus code, the researcher discovered several domains that acted as command-and-control servers for the compromised systems. After taking control of one of the domains, Wardle identified no fewer than 400 connections from different computers across the country. According to him, cybercriminals could thus perform various operations, including spying on users and gaining access to the computer's webcams. It remains unclear exactly how the computer was infected, but it appears the user was tricked into opening a file that launched the malicious code into the system. At the moment, macOS users can sleep well, as the domains used by the virus have already been closed to prevent infected systems from connecting to them in order to receive commands, to