The browser-based Diablo is out. What's the "salt" in it?

31 July 2019

Rivsoft has released a browser version of the legendary Diablo game.

The demo version of the game is already available for regular Internet users, and gamers who have an official copy have access to the full version.

To get access to the full Diablo, you just need to drag a specific file from the game's folder into your browser window.

The demo has two dungeon starting zones and one character class. Rivsoft developers have fixed all bugs and bugs in the source code in the browser version of Diablo.

You can play the browser-based version of Diablo on the developer's website [1]. However, now due to the influx of people who want to play the game site is overloaded, so it is very difficult to download it.

Diablo is a popular series of Action/RPG games published by Blizzard Entertainment since 1996.

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