Windows 10 will get a new way to identify the user

13 February 2018
Most owners of modern gadgets are no longer surprised by the technology of identification by sight or fingerprint. But Microsoft, in collaboration with Fujitsu, has gone further. Soon, Windows 10 will feature a new method of biometric user identification - based on the vein pattern.We are talking about the PalmSecure technology developed by Fujitsu, which allows you to identify users by their vein pattern. It is reported that PalmSecure technology is already implemented in some state organizations, medical institutions, airports, banks and other organizations and soon can become a part of Windows Hello tool. PalmSecure technology uses an infra-red vein pattern scanning on the palm to identify people. This provides a more accurate identification of the user than the more usual methods of recognition by iris or fingerprint. In addition, veins have many distinctive features and are inside the human body, making it extremely difficult for third parties to fake their pattern. Fujitsu plans to embed the non-contact vein pattern scanners in its laptops. The devices will not take up much space on the chassis, as they are no larger than a familiar postage stamp. When support for PalmSecure technology will appear in Windows Hello, which allows you to sign in to your Windows 10 devices with a glance and a touch, and will be available to everyone - we can only guess for now.