Withings ScanWatch - a watch that monitors your health

06 January 2020

We are one day away from the start of CES 2020. However, some developers couldn't resist. Many unveiled new products before the event opened. Withings is one of them.

Image from 9to5google.com

It announced the unusual Withings ScanWatch. In part, it looks like a regular mechanical watch. But it's a hybrid device. The gadget pleases with "smart" functions.

Withings ScanWatch monitors the health of the user. This is provided by the sensors on the back side. First, the product is able to show the pulse.

The device detects irregular heartbeats. Detecting atrial fibrillation is expensive. If the owner is out of order, the chronometer will let you know.

Image from 9to5google.com

Second, blood oxygen levels are available. Why is this necessary? To prevent apnea disease. Stopping pulmonary ventilation during sleep is a problem.

Withings ScanWatch informs about dangerous symptoms. Give you a chance to see a doctor before a crisis develops. Heart rate and SpO2 data are also useful for athletes. They are important for training.

Two versions are available. There is a model with a 42mm dial for $299. Want a cheaper one? Consider the 38mm version. It goes for $249.

Image from 9to5google.com

Sales will start in Q2 of this year.