Xiaomi unveiled two cool electric pedals

28 March 2020

Xiaomi does just about everything. It produces everything from umbrellas to smart teapots. The list also includes vehicles. For example, electric mopeds.

Image from xiaomiyoupin.com

Two of them, the A1 and A1 Pro, appeared on the Youpin site. It's a micro-investment platform and is owned by Xiaomi. It has started raising money for mass production of the new products.

A1 and A1 Pro themselves are created by 70mai. Xiaomi is only helping to bring the idea to life. Electric motorcycles enjoy a variety of colors. In addition, they have pedals (in case the batteries run out).

What is the difference between the A1 and A1 Pro? The regular model has a 768Wh battery. Said allows you to drive up to 60 km. The Pro version has a 960Wh power source. Its range is 70 km.

Image from xiaomiyoupin.com

Among other things, A1 Pro offers a color touchscreen display. The A1 has a simpler screen. There is no finger control. Also, the "Pro" boasts built-in memory, not an SD card.

Otherwise, the A1 and A1 Pro are the same. Both are able to accelerate up to 25 km/h. Full suspension is available. As for the brakes, there is a hydraulic disc brake at the front and a drum brake at the rear.

The wheels are 16-inch. It is assumed that the motor power is equal to 750 watts. The A1 and A1 Pro weigh 52 kg each. Special mention should be made of the GPS navigator, voice control and a 1080p camera. Taking pictures of your trips will be easier.

Image from xiaomiyoupin.com

The pre-order price is $424 for the A1. The A1 Pro will cost more at $566. You should hurry. After release, the price will increase to $523 and $655 respectively.