Xiaomi unveiled a new smart watch

25 December 2019

Xiaomi has its own crowdfunding platform. The company has announced a fundraiser for Youpin Forbidden City. It is a smart watch based on Android Wear 2100. The novelty is curious.

Image from ithome.com

What's interesting about the gadget? Youpin Forbidden City offers a 316L stainless steel case. The dial is round - with a 1.3-inch diagonal. The resolution is 360 by 360 pixels.

The screen is decorated with an exclusive theme (inspired by the Forbidden City in Beijing). Also at Youpin Forbidden City expensive strap. It is made of leather.

Separate mention should be made of the heart rate sensor. Heart rate is continuously monitored. In addition, there is NFC for contactless payment. The device is not afraid of water - thanks to IP68 protection.

Image from ithome.com

With navigation - a complete order. Declared support for GPS, GLONASS and Beidu. Youpin Forbidden City will not let you get lost. Among other things, a voice assistant is available.

Onboard RAM is 512 MB. A 4 GB flash drive is used for data storage. The battery capacity of 400 mAh is responsible for battery life.

The device weighs 53 grams. The device will be available in stores for $245. You can save money and get it for $185 (under the crowdfunding program).