Xiaomi unveiled a projector with built-in Android TV

24 March 2020

Xiaomi has dozens of devices in its arsenal. The company produces not only smartphones. It does literally everything. For example, unusual compact projectors.

Image from soyacincau.com

The announcement of one of these models took place. The novelty is called Mi Smart Compact Projector and weighs only 1.3 kg. In terms of design, it can be confused with a Bluetooth speaker.

The gadget's gimmick is the Android TV 9.0 operating system. It turns the product into a full-fledged multimedia set-top box. Allowed to watch videos from YouTube (including broadcasts), movies from Google Play and so on.

Image from soyacincau.com

There's voice control via Google Assistant. The microphone is located in the remote. All you have to do is press a button and say a command. It will be recognized.

Other features are standard. The device copes with a picture output in 4K and 1080p. Also declared support for HDR content.

Image from soyacincau.com

You don't have to worry about sharpness. First, there is a manual focus adjustment. Secondly, autofocus is available (with a high-sensitivity camera).

The average brightness is 500 lumens. This is guaranteed by 4-channel RGB-LEDs (for 30 thousand hours of operation). If we talk about NTSC color space, the coverage is 85%. The diagonal of the projected image varies from 60 to 120 inches.

Xiaomi did not skimp on good acoustics. Mi Smart Compact Projector is equipped with 2 speakers for 5 watts. It is worth hoping for 2-channel surround sound (virtual). In addition, there is DTS HD and Dolby Audio.

There are no problems with performance. The device is equipped with 2 GB of RAM and Amlogic T962-X processor. For the mentioned purposes - enough. Files are stored on a flash drive with a capacity of 16 GB.

Image from soyacincau.com

The ports are the usual story. Nothing extraordinary: HDMI, USB 2.0 and a 3.5mm jack (for headphones). How much fits into such a tiny case.

Sales of the Mi Smart Compact Projector have already started. The approximate price is 599 American dollars. When will the wonder of technology reach Russia? No one knows.