Xiaomi launched a steam electric mop

18 December 2020

Ten years ago, Xiaomi was known only as a smartphone manufacturer. Now the company has dozens of gadgets for all tastes and colors. There are even devices for cleaning floors. This is what the giant from the Celestial Empire has come to.

Image from smzdm.com

Xiaomi has reportedly introduced the Sawadika S260 mop. It is a steam electric model that debuted on the Youpin site. The latter is the Chinese equivalent of Kickstarter. The release of interesting new products is sponsored by users themselves.

What can the Sawadika S260 do? It can do general cleaning. The pureness is ensured by a water vapor treatment. It is heated up to 100 degrees Celsius and generated with the effect of vibration. A thousand beats per minute is no joke. No dirt (including ingrained dirt) can resist it.

In addition - Xiaomi promises a high level of disinfection. The Sawadika S260 eliminates up to 99.99% of germs and bacteria. About ordinary garbage we don't have to say. It should also be noted that the product is handy.

The Sawadika S260 weighs about 3 kg. It is easy to handle thanks to the telescopic handle. Among other things, is pleased with the lower part - it rotates 270 degrees. Hard-to-reach places are no longer a problem.

As for the cable, it is 6.5 meters. Complementing the configuration is a built-in reservoir for liquid. Its volume is 270 ml. Overall dimensions of Sawadika S260 are 260×210×1130 mm.

Sounds great - especially at a price of 63 euros (approximately). Unfortunately, there are nuances. So far, orders are only accepted at the Youpin site. Should we wait for it to appear in other countries? Yes, but no exact information.