Xiaomi released a smart alarm clock for $8

12 December 2019

Xiaomi, as you know, has a crowdfunding platform. On it, the company announced an unusual gadget. We are talking about a smart alarm clock Qingping Bluetooth Alarm Clock.

Image from gizmochina.com

Users will like its price. They are asking only $8 for the new product. Agree - a product everyone can afford. However, the Qingping Bluetooth Alarm Clock is capable of many things.

First, it displays the time. Secondly, it detects the humidity and temperature. The case has built-in sensors. In addition, the device synchronizes with the smart home.

The room is cold? Qingping Bluetooth Alarm Clock will automatically turn on the heater. This is just one of the application scenarios. But that is not the end of the story.

Image from gizmochina.com

The data is displayed on the LCD. By the way - there are no physical buttons. The device is controlled by pressing. For example, the sound can be muted with a touch. "Fine" settings are available in the mobile app.

With the phone you can adjust the volume and select the melodies. The brightness of the screen changes itself. In the morning and evening, the backlight is 50% weaker. When will Qingping Bluetooth Alarm Clock be available for public sale? It won't be long before January 14, 2020.