Xiaomi will release a smartphone with a retractable camera for selfies

18 February 2019

Rejoice, fans of taking selfies. Especially for you, the Chinese company Xiaomi announced a smartphone with a retractable camera.

The name of the gadget is not yet known. The main technical specifications are also kept secret for now.

Xiaomi выпустит смартфон с выдвигающейся фронтальной камерой

However, representatives of Xiaomi made it clear that it will not be a "slider", like, for example, Mi Mix 3, but quite an independent retractable unit with a front camera.

Except that this rather unusual smartphone on the shelves of electronics stores may not be. The company noted that its market launch will directly depend on an analysis of potential demand.

In the meantime, we note that Xiaomi patented a retractable camera back in 2015. According to some reports, it may appear in the announced gadget Mi Mix 4. This model is the successor of the smartphone with a slider for the camera.