"Yandex. Yandex Phone" will be updated and become cheaper

19 February 2019

Yandex has announced a reduction in the price of its Yandex. Phone". In addition to this good news, there is another: the device will be upgraded.

Yandex representatives say that the changes in the price of the smartphone are due to the upcoming holidays - February 23 and March 8. Judging by all appearances, after them the price of the phone will not go up. This is for the best, given that Yandex's mobile failed in the smartphone market.

For "Yandex. Phone" was almost 18,000 rubles. In the near future it will be available for 13,990. Starting from February 18, "Yandex. Phone" can be purchased at "Svyaznoy" and "Citylink". Soon the phone will be available in other stores.

The company said that the smartphone will be updated. Its performance will improve, aptX technology support will be added for better audio via Bluetooth. The work of the virtual voice assistant Alice will also become better. The quality of the camera will also change for the better: there will be automatic white balance, exposure and autofocus, the sharpness and detail of objects in daylight will increase, as well as brightness in low light conditions.
Whether all the changes will affect the sales of "Yandex. Phone, it is not known yet.