Yandex will launch its own carsharing service in 2018

11 December 2017
Many people probably remember that Yandex has already launched the Carsharing service. However, previously it was just an aggregator of short-term car rental services. Moreover, it ceased to exist in November this year, and all that was left of it was the display of information about the location of the cars of the carsharing services in the Yandex.Transport application. Now, the company has announced the launch of its own per-minute car rental service.The service is called Yandex.Drive. Despite the fact that it will only start working in February 2018, the company has already released the official mobile applications. By installing them on their gadget, everyone can pre-register in the service. Those who do this will receive 20% cashback from all trips ordered in Yandex.Taxi, to their account in Yandex.Drive, until the end of January. It is known that together with the launch of the new service, Yandex will also get its own fleet of cars. At the initial stage, it will consist of Kia Rio, Kia Rio X-Line and Renault Kaptur cars. Everyone may pre-register in the service and start getting bonuses in Yandex.Drive. To do this, it is necessary to download the appropriate application for Android or iOS.