Yandex.Browser will hide aggressive advertising

06 February 2018
Advertising on the Internet is becoming more and more aggressive over time, forcing more and more users to use various tools to block it. This, in turn, hits the pockets of most site owners, including useful ones. In this regard, many companies are actively working to improve the quality of advertising, and lead the fight against its most aggressive formats. So now, the company Yandex introduced in its own browser tool to block the most annoying ads.As the developers point out, advertising is a major source of income for many sites, but it should not interfere with users. In this regard, Yandex.Browser will soon launch a tool that will block ads in accordance with the recommendations of IAB Russia. In this way, users will be able to hide static ad units that unfold across the entire screen, large pop-up windows, advertising videos with sound that plays automatically, as well as full-width banners that appear at the top or bottom of the screen. It is reported that the new tool will start blocking such ads as early as this month. Anyone who wants to get rid of aggressive ads is recommended to install Yandex.Browser on their computer or mobile device and keep an eye out for updates.