Yandex.Drive will offer a ride in a Porsche

08 August 2018
The company announced that business class cars would soon appear in the Yandex.Drive service back in May of this year. As reported, more than 500 Mercedes E-class cars and BMW 5-series cars will be available to users by the end of the summer. In addition, representatives of Yandex have promised to release on the streets of the capital of premium-class cars - Porsche. Finally, the latter are actually available for short-term rental in Yandex.Drive.It became known that ten crossovers Porsche Macan and two sports cars Porsche 911 Carrera 4S became available in the service of short-term car rental from Yandex. Of course, not everyone will be able to rent them. To access the premium cars, the driver must be over 26 years old and have at least six years of driving experience. The cost to rent a 911 Carrera 4s will be 60 rubles per minute and 20 rubles per minute of waiting, while a Macan will cost 20 rubles per minute and 7.2 rubles per minute of waiting. It is worth adding that, according to Yandex representatives, a special algorithm based on machine learning is responsible for access to business-class cars. It weighs up many different factors, and on the basis of these factors can offer a particular user to rent a car in the premium segment.