Yandex.Mail won't let you miss important emails

28 April 2017
Yandex.Mail users are in for a pleasant surprise. The thing is that the developers of the company have introduced a tool in the service that will help not to miss any important emails, which previously might have simply got lost among news and advertising mailings.First of all, it should be noted that thanks to the innovation, all emails related to purchases or trips will now be highlighted with icons. In addition, they will be placed in a special list corresponding to the subject of the letter: "Shopping" or "Travel. It's worth adding that all necessary data and action buttons will be displayed right in the list of incoming mails for the convenience of receiving important information. However, this innovation may not be to everyone's liking: now anyone who looks at the screen of the device when working with the mail will be able to see, for example, the number or status of the order in this or that store. In addition, the mail from "Yandex" appeared tab for letters and notifications from all kinds of social networks. The tab "Social Networks" now helps to learn about what is happening in the life of your friends and acquaintances, and by clicking on "Communication", you can focus on personal, home mail. It is worth adding that to recognize letters, the company "Yandex" has used technology Marker, developed in 2013 with the help of machine learning. It was used to recognize and filter emails. Earlier, Marker recognized 15 types of letters, but with the introduction of neural networks, the developers managed to increase this figure to 28 and the overall accuracy of recognition - by 30%. The innovation has already been officially launched in web versions of Yandex.Mail for computers and mobile gadgets. Everyone can try out all its advantages.