YouTube is testing its own version of Stories

03 August 2018
Many users of Snapchat, Instagram, VKontakte and Facebook are probably used to sharing interesting life events with their subscribers using Stories. To keep up with the competition, another service has decided to adopt such a popular function. We are talking, oddly enough, about YouTube.The innovation will work, much like in Instagram. Stories will be displayed at the top of the screen, and new publications will catch the eye, thanks to the presence of a red circle around their icon. At the same time, the developers of the video service will offer new features. For example, on YouTube it will be possible to subscribe to the Stories of other users. On the other hand, the developers will prohibit comments and responses to such publications. The innovation is still at the testing stage. Not many content creators and users can publish Stories on YouTube yet. It's hard to say yet when the new feature will be available to all comers. Those who can't wait to try the novelty, we recommend installing the current version of the YouTube app on your gadget and follow the updates.