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Application as Service Application as Service is a professional system utility that allows you to run any program or application (32/64-bit and console) as a Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista service. It allows creating and managing new services either locally or remotely (connecting to remote computers via LAN or Internet). Application as Service allows you to create and manage processes via a GUI or command line. You can also create new services by importing XML files. You can use this utility to control all the pop-up windows that appear after the application starts or before it closes, set various parameters to close them, launch additional programs with defined parameters for them before/after the start/stop of the service or program. Restarting the application in case it is stopped is supported. Application as Service lets you start applications at a specific time or date. It is also possible to define time intervals within which an application can be started/stopped (provided that the service will be running at that time). All applications or programs can be launched with defined permissions and priority. Application as Service also supports the ability to start applications before the user is logged in. The Graceful Shutdown feature allows applications to be properly shut down when the service is stopped. This utility consumes little system memory and CPU time, allows saving settings and parameters of all applications launched as services into XML and bat files. Despite the fact that it is a system utility, its interface is very clear, allowing even novice users to use it.


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