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BackupFly BackupFly is a reliable data synchronization and backup tool with flexible scheduling and the ability to back up data in real time as it changes ("on the fly"). The program uses innovative technologies for comparing and analyzing folder and file synchronization to ensure data integrity and safety, as well as their uninterrupted transfer to destinations: hard drives, local area network computers, FTP servers and other storage media. BackupFly supports the following Specifying a second hard drive or folder as a backup, you get identical copies of the original files/folders, and even entire disks. If the original drive crashes, all your data will remain in the backup folder/drive for immediate future use. - Backup data to electronic removable media - the program can be used to automatically back up important work folders to removable media, which can be USB drives, removable hard drives, and others. The new version of BackupFly 2.6 adds the ability to install the program onto a USB flash drive to make the program portable and use it on other computers (this feature is available to registered users only). - Backup data to CD/DVD-RW/BD-RE media - BackupFly backs up data to CD/DVD-RW/BD-RE media with UDF file system (Super Floppy format) - Synchronizing data between your laptop and desktop computers - you can use BackupFly to synchronize files between your laptop and desktop computers. - Backup data from workstations to file server(s) - BackupFly can be installed on file server(s), which allows you to back up data from workstations to server(s) centrally over your local network without installing additional client components on your users' computers. Backup data to remote FTP server - you can synchronize and back up files and folders to a remote FTP server over the internet.


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