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Caesar IV is a fascinating game. Do you know how cities are created? First you have to find a suitable place. Then build a couple of houses and populate them with hardworking residents. And then the townspeople themselves will continue the work you started. But in order to attract more settlers in the fledgling capital, you need to create the right conditions for them, to provide a comfortable life and a fun pastime. And what will happen as a result?

If done right, the most magnificent, luxurious and prosperous city in the world, such as Rome... "Caesar IV" takes you back to the time of the great Caesar. Become a governor of one of the provinces of the great Roman Empire, create a miracle with the village entrusted to you and turn it into a huge metropolis with all the benefits of ancient civilization. Remember that you are the sovereign ruler, burdened with the burden of responsibility for your subjects. You must provide your citizens with everything they need, they must be safe, well-fed and clean. - Plan wisely! There are over a hundred buildings: residential, commercial, industrial, recreational and other.

Build them wherever you want, but do not forget that the correct location of each element of urban architecture is very important and affects the condition of the whole village. And also - do not skimp on roads, the inhabitants of the empire are used to quality paving stones underfoot. - The governor is not only a builder. In addition to architectural matters, many other concerns will fall on your shoulders. The world around you is full of unpleasant surprises. Plagues, fires, floods, bad harvest years, people's unrest and barbarian attacks threaten the well-being and prosperity of your domain. Fight the elements and your enemies, and prevent disaster! - Ancient Democracy. Although you have great power concentrated in your hands, it never hurts to know the opinion of the people.

By snatching any passer-by from the crowd of bustling Romans, you will find out his opinion about the state of the polis and the pressing problems. Only consider that different social groups have different needs. Wise advisers will help you make the right decision. - Foreign trade is the way to prosperity. By trading with neighboring provinces you can greatly improve the economy and demographics of your city. Trade with your neighbors ensures the presence of exotic goods on the market and a substantial deduction to the treasury in taxes from merchants.


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