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Numbers (Numbers)

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Russian, English


For puzzle lovers, this program is a step-by-step logic game with no time limit.

The application has a free software license, you can download Numbers for free.

Created Numbers for Windows of all sizes.

Program Features

  • The aim of the game is to remove numbers from the field in pairs, adhering to the rules.
  • The program is implemented the possibility of learning the rules. Teaching function is run at the first start of the toy. With subsequent launches, the rules are viewed when you call the help document built into the application.
  • The toy is russified, the interface is simple and clear.
  • The program is minimized to the system tray by pressing Esc and disappears from the taskbar. Deployment is provided by clicking on the toy icon. A new start will open the last saved game. The menu item with the last games opens the last 20 saved files.
  • The main menu contains the settings item, which determines the behavior of the application: tips are enabled and disabled, the columns of the playing field are displayed.
  • The use of hotkeys helps to control the game.
  • The toy is portable.
  • The software understands relative paths, this allows you to run the executable file from external devices.
  • Game developers release updates, make the necessary corrections, taking into account the wishes for improvement.

Download free numbers (Numbers) for your computer can be on the site


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7 years ago
The game has a bug, it does not allow you to remove numbers when there are several numbers on the previous line, and you want to remove the last one here and the next. Remove so, with the transition to the next line, you can only if the number is the only one in the line.