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Cloud Backup Robot - this program will help keep your important files safe. It automatically backs up files and/or folders that it saves to your local computer, the cloud, a network folder or an FTP server. It can perform this operation on demand, or automatically. With Cloud Backup Robot you can back up any files and folders from your computer.

If you only need to make copies of specific file types, the program has a filter for this. You can use a filter to specify which file types you want to back up, or vice versa. Also, to save storage space, the program can delete old versions of backups. For instance, Cloud Backup Robot can only keep the last 5 backups, or backups from the last 90 days. Also worth mentioning is that Cloud Backup Robot can compress backups into a ZIP archive. What's more, the archive can be password protected so that no one but you can access its contents. As mentioned above, Cloud Backup Robot can send backups to cloud storage. The program supports several popular cloud services, including Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive and Amazon S3.

If you have an account with any of them (or even several), you can use them to store backups and access your files from almost any computer connected to the Internet. Cloud Backup Robot has a flexible scheduler. Using this scheduler, you can set the program to automatically back up your data at a set interval, several times a month, several times a week, or several times a day. You can choose on which days, days of the week, or hours the program will back up files. All these parameters can be set up when creating a new task.

The step-by-step wizard greatly simplifies this process, so even inexperienced users can work with the program. You can change the settings at any time. Cloud Backup Robot is a great tool that will help back up your data so that it will be safe. It is easy to use and has flexible settings.


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