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Dropbox is a free cloud service that allows you to store files on remote servers and access them from any computer, laptop, or smartphone. You can use it to upload, download, and perform other operations with your data without fear of losing it because your hard drive crashed.

Description of Dropbox

Cloud storage is a server or several servers located at any distance from each other and possessing large hard drives. A Dropbox customer is allocated 2 GB of disk space free of charge when registering. You can get additional space if you buy a plan.

Working with Dropbox is convenient and built on data synchronization. When you install it on your PC, a My Dropbox folder is created, where downloaded files will be stored and synchronized with the cloud storage. Every time you make a change in the local folder, the same changes will instantly happen on the server.

Using the program, it is easy to share files with other users and create backup copies of documents.

Dropbox features

Thanks to the useful features DropBox is popular with both IT developers and ordinary users.

Some features of the program are

  • Efficiency and reliability in saving documents.
  • Support for most operating systems, including mobile ones, allowing you to access information from any device.
  • Storage of deleted files for a month, allowing you to restore an accidentally erased file.
  • Storing versions of files, allowing you to go back to an earlier version.
  • Support for any type of file.
  • High speed of synchronization and minimization of traffic, achieved by transferring only the part of the file changed during the operation.
  • Secure storage and transmission of information over an encrypted channel.
  • Giving other users access to folders and storage so they can collaborate on files.
  • Flexible settings for download and upload speeds, allowing you to work on PCs with low speed or limited traffic.
  • Create advanced Shared folders that allow access by users with different accounts.
  • Ability to share a file or folder with another user by sending him a link to the file.

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