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The daily work of an IT professional, be it a system or network administrator or a technical support specialist, involves working with the command line. Remember how often we run ipconfig or ping, how hard we remember the netstat or nbtstat keys. Now the problems are over! With CMDTools you do not need to keep it all in your head anymore, it reminds you of the next steps. Of course, the program has no artificial intelligence, but the centralized management of command line utilities can definitely make life easier, especially since the program is designed to work super-fast with the use of hotkeys. The program's interface is very simple and intuitive.

The main tabs are the submenus of the program (Network, Scheduler and Settings). Additional tabs are called command line utilities: ipconfig, ping, route, etc. Moving between the tabs is done using hot keys for quickness and convenience. All possible commands and utility parameters are tabbed. To execute a command, just type or select a parameter with your mouse and click on the corresponding link. For convenience, you can execute any command in the external command processor CMD.EXE. To do this, you need to hold down the Ctrl key when clicking on the link. You can execute dozens of commands by centrally storing their output in CMDTools. The program also makes it easy to write batch scripts and save program output. A handy scheduler lets you create jobs for both console programs (with output saved in a log file) and regular Windows programs in a matter of seconds. Tasks can be saved and loaded, for example, on another computer.

The program can store settings both in the registry and in the INI file. This can be very useful for transferring CMDTools between computers. The program allows you to color the interface with the system palette colors and save/load color profiles and select output fonts. The CMDTools program is a single executable file and uses very little RAM. Extend CMDTools to your workstations and terminal servers in the domain, for example through group policies, and your work and the work of your company's IT staff will be much easier.



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8 years ago
I rate five, the program is normal, but there is a bug - red ink in the black output window on the tab ipconfig. On the other tabs no such[:+5:]