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DBF Recovery Toolbox

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The DBF Recovery Toolbox program is used for recovery of information from damaged database table files of the *.dbf format (dBase IV, Clipper, data from 1C complex configurations and others) with minimal user participation. The current version of the program can perform the following actions: - Recover the structure of table fields - Recover table data. DBF Recovery Toolbox uses its own algorithm for data extraction from damaged dbf table files and related MEMO field files (fpt or dbt) and therefore it will be useful for developers and users of databases using tables of this format. The program has a user-friendly, intuitive interface and can be used even by novice users since it automatically finds all information connected with the damaged table. Thus, it is enough to specify what file it is necessary to restore, and all necessary actions on restoration DBF Recovery Toolbox will make in an automatic mode. The program does not change any information in an initial table file. All actions with damaged files are performed in the main memory of the computer. Information recovery is performed in several stages. At any stage of operation of the program it is possible to return and change any parameters of processing of files of tables. Including the possibility to go back to the beginning and start the recovery of another file after you have finished working with the table. The stages of work with the program: 1. Selecting the damaged table file 2. Analyzing and viewing the recovered data structure and content 3. Selecting a file to save the recovered table 4. Viewing the recovery log


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