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Fences is a program that helps you organize all the icons and files on your Windows desktop neatly. It will surely appeal to users who like cleanliness and order. With its help, you can group and divide all the icons into groups, so that you do not have to search for them in a common pile.

You can download Fences on Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista.

The working principle of Fences is quite simple but effective. It allows you to create peculiar blocks on the Windows desktop, in which you can place program shortcuts, folders, documents, photos, links to web pages and any other files that are usually "lying around" on the desktop.

Using special rules, Fenses can be set up so that it automatically groups new icons or files on the desktop.

The created blocks can be placed in any convenient place on the desktop. You can give each block an individual name, change size and shape. By double-clicking on an empty space on the desktop you can hide all the blocks with icons, and you can return them back the same way.

In addition to organizing icons and files on the desktop, Fences blocks can be used as a kind of portal to folders that are stored on your hard drive. If you bind the block to any desired folder, its contents will be displayed in the block. In this way, the program provides quick and convenient access to the contents of the selected folder.

Fences has another extremely useful function. It allows you to create several pages with blocks on the desktop and quickly switch between them. Using this feature, you can, for example, divide the icons and files on your desktop by purpose: entertainment, work, etc.

So if your desktop is a chaos of icons, folders and files, and you want to "arrange" everything, we advise you to download Fences. It will help you do it quickly and easily.


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