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FontCreator is a functional editor for Windows that allows you to create new fonts and edit existing ones. It has all the necessary functions that may be useful for designers and typographers to fully work with fonts.

This editor has a simple, easy and intuitive interface, which, combined with a wide range of functions, creates a professional platform for creating and editing fonts. It already has a huge database of fonts, which is accessed through a navigation bar with a tree structure. All fonts in it are divided into categories for more convenience. Any of the fonts in the editor can be edited or added with new characters.

You can create fonts in FontCreator in several ways. For example, you can export a scanned image or vector form, and on the basis of this create a new symbol. You can also create unique fonts, using handwritten characters. A distinctive feature of the program is the ability to create a font, each character can have its own coloring.

The Transform wizard function, makes it easy to transform the characters into different styles. With it, with just a few clicks, you can make characters italic, bold, etc.

To make sure that the created or edited font meets all the required parameters and standards, FontCreator has a font validation function. It allows you to improve font quality by identifying and fixing common problems.

As mentioned, all fonts are stored in a tree structure. They are divided into categories for easy searching and navigation through the database. Any of the available fonts can be opened and viewed without having to install them.

One of the most common and time-consuming tasks when working with fonts is the visual alignment of characters in words to each other. To solve this problem, the editor has a comparison function. It automatically analyzes the character set and independently selects the optimal position of characters.

When the font is ready, you can edit its name, author information, rights and other information.

Download FontCreator and work with fonts on a professional level.


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