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KaraKEYoke Karaoke is a cool program with which you can not only sing your favorite songs, but also easily learn to play them, even without learning the notes!

For karaoke or learning you can download any MIDI or karaoke files for computer (*.mid, *.kar). These can be songs, melodies, exercises, plays, etudes that are easy to find and download online. The program shows the musical notation (stanza, musical notation, score). You can choose a fragment of your favorite song and quickly learn to play that fragment on your synthesizer/MIDI keyboard. Several learning modes are suitable for any level, for children, beginners, for those who do not know notes and play keyboard instruments before. To learn, you need to connect any synthesizer, digital piano, piano or MIDI keyboard to your computer. The learning program.

KaraKeyoke will show you which keys to press and patiently wait for you to press them correctly. If the synthesizer has a key illumination function (Casio LK series), the desired keys will be highlighted directly on it. Sometimes to sing karaoke you need to enhance the solo part to get a good support for the voice. For this purpose, the karaoke player KaraKeyoke allows you to select the appropriate MIDI channel and raise the volume of this channel and change the instrument to a more expressive. Additionally, you can change the tone of the entire song or move all the notes on the selected track/channel an octave to the left or right. Many Casio LK-, CTK-, WK-, . allow you to load special MIDI song files into them, for example using an SD memory card. Such files are hard to find, because the synthesizer uses its own special format SMF0. Now you do not need a converter to convert MIDI and karaoke files into SMF-0 format, because KaraKEYoke can play songs on the keyboard, and supports many settings and learning modes.

Perhaps KaraKEYoke is a good gift for those who not only like to sing karaoke, but also want to immerse themselves more in the world of music.


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