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Magic Forex Intuition - this simulator is designed to develop intuition when working in the Forex market. With daily practice you will be able to determine the correct direction of currency movements.

After a while you will see that the right decisions outnumber the wrong ones. With time this number will grow. After 1 or 2 months, the number of correct answers may reach 80-90%. The result is very individual. Some people can have much better results. Some people get a result of 100%, which is achieved through systematic training. This effect is not at all uncommon. What you need to pay attention to first and foremost is the systematic nature of the exercise. You are sure to achieve your goal if you devote enough time to training. Lack of results is excluded.

How the program works

The program suggests the user to determine the further price movement (up or down) from the starting line (from the price of the last bar closing). The correct direction is the direction in which the price passes a certain number of points from the starting line (for example, 50 points). It is necessary to guess the right direction, and it varies in every test: the program uses a random number generator. Logic is of little use in this situation: in this case, the theory of probability cannot give 100% correct answers. Therefore, we obtain the right answer by means of intuition. The program allows the user to choose a currency pair (symbol) and the number of points the chart should pass in order to determine the correct direction.

Program characteristics

  • Database of 23 currency pairs.
  • Ability to configure the number of winning/losing pips (Take Profit and Stop Loss).
  • Chart display as bars, candlesticks or lines.
  • Changing a chart scale.
  • Displaying the statistics of the guessed and unguessed tests.
  • Full customization of the chart's color scheme.
  • Audio.
  • Multilingual interface.


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